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End of Life Services

Tiffany offers at-home calls in order to provide honest, dignified, and respectful euthanasia for your loved pets.

We all know how much your pets and animals can work their way into your lives and hearts, and this is why Tiffany wants to be able to come alongside and support you during this difficult time. Saying goodbye to your loved animals is never easy, but it is a responsibility of being a pet parent and owner that we are able to grant them freedom from suffering and pain when the situation is necessary. This is a service offered for dogs, cats, horses, and livestock.

Tiffany will come to your home and walk you through this process and what this looks like for you, and make sure that you completely understand the steps and your options. After the euthanasia has been performed, you can choose to have a home burial or Tiffany can talk you through your options for cremation. Tiffany will then take your pet and handle all arrangements.


Euthanasia: $150

Optional add on for small animals

Communal Cremation: Ashes will be grouped and respectfully spread by the crematory. You will not keep them.

Communal cremation cost: $150

Private Cremation: Ashes will be handled separately and individually, and you will receive the ashes from your pet back in an engraved wooden urn. 

Private cremation cost is weight based:

1-25 pounds $250

26-45 pounds $265

46-65 pounds $275

66-85 pounds $286

86-105 pounds $295

106-125 pounds $300

126-200 pounds $390

**All euthanasia are performed at the discretion of Tiffany, as a Montana State Certified Euthanasia Technician working under the authority and employment of a licensed DVM and can be refused at any time.**

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