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Three French Bullgod Puppies

Available Services

House Call Services by a Licensed Veterinary Technician

Tiffany's Animal Care is 100% mobile. Set up an appointment with me and I will come out to your house where you and your pet are most comfortable, and see to your needs in a low stress, safe, and convenient environment.

Offering Preventative Care, Nursing Care, Consultation services, and other Animal Care services.

House calls are $40. Mileage is charged for certain distances and appointments.

Preventative Care

House call visit to assist you with preventative, maintenance care for your loved pet. Tiffany will come to your house and provide care in the comfort and safety of your home.

-Wellness Exams (Basic vitals, checking for any new lumps, check teeth/ears/eyes)
-Nail Trim

-Anal Gland Expression

-Ear/Eye Cleaning 

-Teeth Brushing

-Medication Administration (oral or injection - prescription pills, allergy shots, etc.)

Nursing Care

House call visit to assist you with nursing care for your sick or injured pet. Tiffany will come to your house and provide care in the comfort and safety of your home so you can avoid a trip in to the vet's office.

*Nursing care services require a written order from your veterinarian for a pre-existing condition*

-Subcutaneous Fluids
-Blood Draws and processing

-Bandage Change

-Rehab/Therapy for Post surgical recovery (e.g. TPLO surgery)

-Blood Glucose check

Livestock Services

Livestock services are offered for a variety of needs. Tiffany is experienced with horses, cattle, goats, sheep, alpacas/llamas, and other farm animals.

If you have a particular need, call to see if Tiffany can help.

Blood test results are sent to you, not to Tiffany. Tests have additional fee paid to the lab.

*Tiffany is a licensed technician, not a vet. Certain needs may require referral to a vet.*

Pricing varies according to needs. Contact Tiffany for an estimate.



-Birthing difficulty

-Pregnancy testing 

-CAE and/or CL testing

-Fecal testing for parasites and sand


Consultation services are excellent resources for the pet owner looking for a chance to talk and get advice for the particular needs of your pet. Tiffany will come, meet your pet and see your home, and offer you valuable support, resources, education, and insight for your situation.

(This is highly recommended for new puppy owners to get you and your family started and to provide you with the foundation for your new family!)

Consultation service is included in House call as a complementary service

-New puppy/kitten orientation


-Geriatric Care

-Quality of Life

Testing/Laboratory Services

Tiffany can come to your house to obtain the necessary samples (whether that is blood, fecal, urine, cheek swab, etc.) and process the sample accordingly. Sample will be handled professionally and tested or sent to the appropriate outside laboratory.

-Pregnancy testing

-Ruminant testing (CAE, CL, Johnnes, etc)

-Fecal testing (sand or parasite)

-DNA testing *Multiple levels available*


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